Are you looking to invest in property? Here’s why you should always have a 100% Offset Account

Many of us will look into buying an investment property knowing that it will provide the ability to obtain a tax deduction for the ongoing interest expense on the money we borrow to purchase the property. The expectation is that the value of the property will increase over a length of time, giving us a […]

How to build your first home with help from your family

Parents and family members are playing a more and more active role in helping younger family members to purchase their first home. There are a number of ways that parents or relatives in a good financial position can help you to take your first step onto the property market. Lending money Many families who have […]

10 tips from our experts on investing in property

Property is becoming a more and more lucrative and appealing option for the savvy investor. Most people buy an established property for investment purposes, but if you do your homework you might be able to create immediate value by deciding to build. The cost of holding your investment property can be surprisingly low when you […]


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