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If you’ve taken out a home loan and your house is still being built, it doesn’t seem fair to charge you for almost the entire time, does it?

That’s why, with our Finished Home Construction Loans, we won’t charge you interest (up to $12,000) whilst your dream home is being built. You can even use this opportunity to get ahead of the game and start paying down your loan. 

Not only is this fair, but it means you’ll be able to savour all the excitement of seeing your home come to life while still living your life exactly the way you want to. 

Land and Construction Loan

Your land and construction home loan, your way

Enjoy very competitive rates on a Land and Construction Loan that we customise to your personal needs

Stay in control of your construction finance with a simplified monthly statement that tracks your offset balance, loan balance and all transactions

Minimise loan costs with no establishment fee and no ongoing account keeping fees – put extra money towards furniture and fittings in your brand new home

The reassurance of fixed rates that don’t fluctuate with market changes

Receive ongoing support and help with paperwork from our expertss

Reduce interest payments with a 100% Offset Account
Access money in your Offset Account when you need it through ATMs, online banking or in person
No need to commit to regular deposits to your Offset Account over and above your loan repayments
The flexibility of principal + interest or interest only up to 10 years, and up to 4 separate loan splits
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Building your brand new home is so much easier with a Land and Construction Loan backed by expert advice and ongoing support from MyChoice Home Loans

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