Why do your mortgage rates matter?

Do you know how important your mortgage rate, otherwise known as your interest rate, is? Before you take out a home loan, you should consider all the options on the market. If you choose a mortgage interest rate that's too high, you could be paying off your loan for a lot longer than you initially […]

Why buying property in Sydney is still a good idea

Ever considered buying property in Sydney, but thought you couldn't because it was too expensive? The New South Wales capital is the most expensive city by median dwelling value ($1,056,000 according to CoreLogic RP Data to the end of 2016). However, that doesn't mean buying a home there is an unrealistic goal. Buying a home […]

A look at the costs of building your first home

Why buy your first home when you can build it? The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that In August 2016 alone 5,641 new construction mortgages were opened, so Australia clearly loves to get creative with its new homes. You'll have total control over the final shape of your home, gain the ability to add […]

3 things to consider when taking out a mortgage with your partner

Buying your first property and getting your first home loan together is a massive step forward in your relationship. It may even be a bigger commitment than saying 'I do' and MoneySmart data reveals that it will certainly cost more. The average amount spent on a wedding is just over $36,000 – whereas the Australian […]

Repaying your home loan: Interest only or principal too?

The way that you repay your mortgage matters. A lot. Choosing the wrong type of repayments, setting repayments beyond your means or repaying too slowly could cost you thousands. What is right for you will depend on your budget, your intended use of the property and several other important factors. It's always best to seek […]


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