Where are the best places to invest in property in Australia?

Thinking about buying an investment home, but not sure where the best places to look are? Your specific goals will determine the most appropriate suburbs or regions to concentrate your search, whether you're looking for capital gains over a number of years, or you want to increase your passive income with sound rental yield. You […]

Why do your mortgage rates matter?

Do you know how important your mortgage rate, otherwise known as your interest rate, is? Before you take out a home loan, you should consider all the options on the market. If you choose a mortgage interest rate that's too high, you could be paying off your loan for a lot longer than you initially […]

Why buying property in Sydney is still a good idea

Ever considered buying property in Sydney, but thought you couldn't because it was too expensive? The New South Wales capital is the most expensive city by median dwelling value ($1,056,000 according to CoreLogic RP Data to the end of 2016). However, that doesn't mean buying a home there is an unrealistic goal. Buying a home […]

Landlord responsibilities: The costs of getting your rental property legal

There's a thing or two that landlords must consider when investing in property. One of the most important is making sure that yours is in line with current laws – as if it isn't, the penalties could be severe. Let's have a look at a few of these laws and the costs of ensuring your […]

Is it possible to pay your mortgage in the capital cities with rent alone?

Paying the mortgage on one property is hard enough, let alone two. But the fact is, investment property can bear considerable financial fruit if you buy right, organise your finances well and select a suitable location. If you nail the first steps, is it possible to pay your entire mortgage in the capital cities with […]


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