Discover the full list of benefits

  • Reduction in the amount of different people a customer has to provide paperwork to
  • Working with one financier speeds up construction programming
  • Less paperwork
  • Customised loan products that work better for customers who are building
  • Problems are able to be solved on a collaborative basis
  • Quicker loan approvals
  • Easier progress payment process
  • Home loan discounts

The amount of integration and simplicity that can occur is different based on how each home loan is funded with less integration occurring when acting as a mortgage broker and more possible when acting as a Non-Bank lender. This is due to mortgage brokers having no say over the systems and processes of other banks compared to MyChoice Home Loans being able to dovetail processes to align perfectly with MJH Group systems, as a Non-bank Lender.

The integration and therefore the ease of the financing solution for the customer needs to be carefully weighed up against other financing factors which include credit approval policies, interest rates and the customers longer term objectives.


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