The benefits of an architecturally designed home


Ready to dance around architecture? The list of people you work with when building a new home can seem endless – real estate agents, electricians, builders and more – but an architect might be the most important one of all. 

After all, the home you build is going to be where you live for a long time. This means it needs to be tailored to your every want and need – here's what to remember when you choose an architect for your project.

Planning every detail

On Property suggests that building a custom home can cost between $1,500 and $3,000 per square metre. It's easy to imagine how without a detailed plan, your construction costs could blow up as you make changes part way through the build, or perhaps even decide to renovate after it's finished.

A proficient architect will make sure that you get what you want out of a home.A proficient architect will make sure that you get what you want out of a home.

An architect will consult with you at length to make sure that your home is what you want from the start – right down to the brand and type of fittings used. As a result the construction process is more likely to go as planned and all costs will be expected.

Improving energy efficiency

According to YourHome, up to 40 per cent of energy use in Australian homes goes to heating and cooling. Your architect can save you money by using passive design principles: a discipline that takes advantage of the sun and wind to minimise unwanted heat loss or gain.

Smart passive design considers the orientation of your home on the site, as well as the design of the walls, roofs, windows and floors in a way that keeps your home at a comfortable temperature. The most economic time to implement passive design principles is during the construction phase.

An excellent example of this principle in practice can be seen in the award winning Deepwater house by Tobias Partners. This residential apartment block used unique doors and window mechanisms to open its interior to the world. Its build and materials ensure that it's a comfortable place to live no matter the climate.

Designing a home that suits you

Smart passive design considers the orientatation of your home on the site.

In the end the success or failure of your home comes down to whether or not it suits and compliments your lifestyle. During the consultation and planning phase an architect will spend time with you to truly understand what you need and want from a home, then deliver that in the final plan. 

If you're ready to start designing and building the first thing you'll need is a construction loan. The team at Mortgageport work to understand the needs of our customers, and provide them with a loan product that makes the entire building process a more straightforward  and affordable process. 

We may not be able to help you implement passive design, but we can certainly help you afford it! 

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